2020 12 07 COVID 19 Testing Quad County

2020 12 03 WTHC COVID 19

2020 12 07 Covid Testing Flyer 12 7 and 12 11

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Mayala Wata meadow is a fire-adapted ecosystem. It needs frequent and low-intensity fires to help clear out woody plants in order to have enough water to support our more sensitive plants and medicines. Without fire and during drought years, conifer trees (pines and firs) establish themselves in the meadow and remove water that meadow plants need. As part of the Mayala Wata restoration project, the Washoe Tribe Environmental Protection Department (WEPD) is working to remove the conifer trees in order to reintroduce low-intensity burning and revitalize this beautiful and unique meadow. This event is just a small part of that project, but we hope that our Tribal members and their families will join WEPD and the Cultural Resources Department and take part in restoring this ecosystem to a healthier state.

2020 12 05 XmasTrees MayalaWata

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