At Tuesday's COVID-19 meeting, Tribal Council approved $1 million of the $10.4 million we received under the US Treasury allocation of the Tribal CARES Act set-aside to go towards operational costs such as temporary hires to support the Tribe's efforts to address COVID-19. Additionally, Tribal Council approved $3 million to specifically go towards general welfare (membership-based) programs. Of that $3 million, up to $295,800 has been set aside to support a COVID-19 Food Subsidy Program for Tribal members/residents, where all Washoe households will be able to apply for a grocery store gift card at the amount of $200 per month for up to 3 months (receipts will need to be submitted to verify purchases are in compliance with the program). We are eager for this program to go "live" and will post the application for members once it is finalized. Details of additional general welfare programs are still being developed and will be announced once they are approved. 

For members interested in reviewing a DRAFT summary of the currently proposed programs/expenditures to address COVID-19 at the Washoe Tribe, you can download/view by clicking here: DRAFT SUMMARY_Proposed_Expenditures_for_CARES_Act_Funding_at_Washoe_Tribe.pdf

If you have questions or comments, please contact your Tribal Council representative, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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