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Hello Off Rez Tribal Members, and Colony Tribal Members;

I,  Lydell ‘Lug ‘ Wyatt  decided to Run for Chair this upcoming election.   As an off Rez member for the majority of my adult life,  I understand what it takes to be successful with minimal support from the Tribe's programs due to qualifications restrictions.  I have been fortunate to provide for my family,  buy and sell in the housing market more than once and stay at the same career for 14 plus years as a union member.   I also understand what obstacles  our people residing on the reservations face and also what advantages our Washoe Reservation members could harness .

The value and structure of community is a key for our success no matter where we reside.   I have been blessed.  I have lost it all to the point of sleeping in my truck in the bushes.  But I have been able to pick myself up  and rebuild my family and future for the better.

I stay humbled and believe for these reasons  I can relate to any of the Washiw People and be able to overcome and conquer the many tasks and advantages we currently face as Native Nation.   I am running for Chair because I know I can lead us as a Tribe.   I want the opportunity to work cohesively with the newly elected Council for the Washoe People and bring forth leadership for the success of our Nation.   We as the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California have a duty to “hunt together “and provide for our futures to come!   I ask that we join together on this “Rabbit Drive” so we all can eat good together,  be a strong, and return with full bellies.   Our presence and strength are needed back home.

Consider your vote as a opportunity to make significant change.   I ask for your due diligence and participation for this upcoming election date.  Thank you for your time and vote.   

Please visit my website for more insight on the Vision I share for our Tribe:   lugwyatt.com

“Our seeds will only flourish with the proper care and the strength of water” -    LBWyatt.

Arthur George, Jr.

775.267.7043, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My name is Arthur George, Jr. and I am running for Washo Tribal Chair in 2018. My Father is Arthur George from hunglelti and my Mother, Angie Smokey, is from the pahwahlu. I have been in our homeland my whole life. I know so much of our history, as well as of our present-day situation and concerns, relevant to all Washeshu. In my life, I learned many things from “All the People,” Nature and our Elders serving as great teachers for me. I witnessed and remembered the songs and stories of my Elders and Ancestors. I learned about responsibility to “All the People.” My life has been shaped by the both the hardship and the beauty of my People. As such, I deeply feel my responsibility to impart and uphold cultural values and principles that contribute to the natural world design in a healthy way.

As Tribal Chair, I would provide leadership that supports thriving for all of us today, as well as for future generations. We will focus on the health of the corporation status of the tribe, specifically in the ways it supports education and business opportunities. We will also focus on equality in profit-sharing, acknowledging that shareholders are individuals and families who retain their Washo culture, beliefs and traditions. We live in a world that emphasizes progress and profit, but preservation of the land, the beauty of our culture, and our earth-honoring values are just as important. Here are specific goals to support the vision of this leadership:

  1. We support traditional governance by and for families, by reinstituting the Elder Tribunal. Elders who are retired professionals and teachers will assist in many of the tribal matters that have been ongoing, unresolvable, or ignored.
  2. We support education and business opportunities that promote thriving for individuals, families and our tribal community.
  3. We utilize ranch properties for projects that support youth development and family involvement, celebrating cultural practices and validating healthy family values.
  4. We complete a corporate investigation of tribal affairs, specifically with business and property finances, so that we can ensure integrity in the model going forward.
  5. We promote responsible relationships with local and state governments to ensure maximum participation of Washo People in Washo aboriginal homelands.
  6. We support preservation of allotment properties and legal protection of property owners.

As Tribal Chair, I support the return of healthy, traditional values, along with integrity in tribal governance. I call the Heart of our Nation to return, so that All may feel included and honored as valuable members of our community. My dream is that our Great Mother Earth can once again feel her children have come home. I see children and families sharing the Round Dance in community gatherings full of joy, love, ceremony and celebration.

With intention and alignment with natural laws, and through our traditional rituals and practices, I believe we can transform these challenging times for our people into a new era of thriving.


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